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New Year Reflections

"We keep looking for home and keep finding this sand pit; perhaps if we look for the sand pit and then we might find home" ~Winnie the Pooh

Three years ago we were a hurting family. Loss, depression, enabling, and inadequacy were at the roots of our family and we struggled. What could we even do to help those we loved. We had only an idea; a tiny thought that we dared to speak out loud.

"If we worked to help others when we couldn't help ourselves then maybe, somehow, we would find the help we needed along the way."

It was almost insane; But as all good ideas begin in madness we began this great journey. I could list for you the terrible inadequacies and limitations that were set before us but every step was guided by a higher power. Doors were opened. Kindness or folly afforded opportunities for growth. Our faith was simply based in loving others without limit or justification. This was what our family needed, to grow from love and service. Nothing replaces the loss of a child, nothing undoes the pain of addiction, nothing can reset the past but, where there are seeds of hope healing begins.

As we celebrate the New Year we celebrate the stories of those that have entered our center and taught us great lessons of recovery these last three years. The daily choices only the brave keep to change their lives and families. We reflect on all that we have learned and how we have grown. We are deeply honored to be a part of this community and the lives of so many.

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