“Improve Douglas County and surrounding communities by positively impacting individuals and families through mental health and substance abuse treatment, homeless outreach, and peer support programs.”

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Welcome to the Nichols Center

Welcome to the Nichols Center website. I am grateful that you have found us. The messages on this page are dedicated to individuals and families that are affected by substance abuse and addiction or other mental health related issues. It seems fitting that our first blog entry introduce you to our philosophies about recovery and wellness.

Addiction to us is very similar to chocolate cake. There are many forms of addiction and many forces behind the drive to continue in addiction but to simplify the concept let's talk about cake. If you told me tomorrow that my fantastic love for chocolate cake was illegal and would destroy my life, send me to an early grave, and hurt those around me that I loved I would have a very difficult time understanding or even accepting this. I would find secret ways to continue my indulgences and in fact the entire idea of condemnation would drive me further into seeking out this delicacy and deeper into my shame and guilt.

Recovery is similar to living with diabetes. Just as diabetes is a medical condition and requires daily maintenance, recovery is a daily and sometimes moment by moment choice. Living in wellness is a total mind, body, and soul experience and the goal of individuals in recovery is to embrace and move toward balance in mental, spiritual, and physical health. You cannot gain recovery through quick fix solutions or short term rehabilitation, there must be a life change.

Reunification in recovery begins with meaningful connections. Many people believe that unconditional giving is the only way they can draw out the addiction cycle in their loved one. Others believe that "though love" and cutting people off is the way. More might say that those in addiction choose this path and should lie in the bed they make. At the Nichols Center we believe that it is through interruption of the addiction cycle you can incept meaningful relationships and involvement leading to purpose that sustains recovery. Guilt and shame are rewarding concepts and lead to compounded self-sabotaging lifestyles. Breaking that cycle of self-depravation and challenging that idea with positive purpose is the way to cast vision and hope into someone's life. Someone in active addiction or struggling with a mental health disorder still possesses amazing talents and expert knowledge. The knowledge experience affords them allows the ability to help others and relate to otherwise un-relatable circumstances.

Our goal at the Nichols Center is to challenge the stigma associated with addictions and disorders. To shed new light on those seeking reunification and together, to build a recovery community. I hope that you will follow our efforts online, reach out to us, and become involved in creating lasting impact for those in Recovery!

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